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Tropical Depression One-E....

Posted by deanna on May 14, 2012, 2:04 pm

I can't seem to stop checking on the La Manzanilla weather! The first TD of the E. Pacific season is typically wonky and not a threat to anyone, but it is very early and should be celebrated by all weather nerds. From Dr. Master's blog this morning:

Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins
The first tropical depression of the 2012 hurricane season has formed this morning in the Eastern Pacific, and it comes one day before the official May 15 start of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season. Tropical Depression One-E is located about 645 mi south of Manzanillo Mexico, and is headed west, away from any land areas. Wind shear is a low 5 - 10 knots, ocean temperatures are a warm 29C, and TD One-E has a good chance of becoming the season's first tropical storm by Tuesday. It is unusual to get a tropical storm forming this early in the year in the Eastern Pacific; since record keeping began in 1949, there have only been two that have formed by May 15--Hurricane Alma of 1990, and an unnamed 1991 storm. TD One-E will not live for long--the storm is headed towards a region with high wind shear and cooler waters that should be able to destroy it late this week.

Merida's weather is already very hot - high 90's to 103F so far, but we love this area and other than a thunderstorm last month that produced hail and 120 mph winds, not much to complain about. We miss
La Manzanilla a lot, but this message board helps to make up for the distance between us. Hi, Daniel!

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