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Weather stats for August

Posted by Bret B on September 9, 2012, 8:26 pm

August was a little less hot than July based on avg daily max temp, but we had a record high temp, and maybe the highest Heat Index reading. It was also the wettest August in my records thanks to the 12.6" weekend in the middle of the month. So far this year, June was record wet, July was record dry, now August is record wet again: strange pattern! We are already within an inch of our normal rainfall total for the year, and we still have the peak hurricane month of September and part of October to go...

Total for month: 15.68"/398mm (1)
Rainiest day: 6.16"/156mm on 8/18
YTD total (thru 8/31): 33.82"/859mm

Highest: 98.0F/36.7C on 8/9 (2)
Lowest: 75.7F/24.3C on 8/16
Avg daily maximum: 91.2F/32.9C
Avg daily minimum: 79.3F/26.3C

Highest: 87% on 8/13, 8/22
Lowest: 59% on 8/1
Avg daily maximum: 83.7%
Avg daily minimum: 67.1%

Heat index: (approximate)
Highest: 122F/50C on 8/9 (3)
Avg daily maximum: (under construction)

(1) This was the wettest August since record-keeping began in 2004. Previous record was 15.22"/387mm in 2010. Avg August rainfall 2004-2011 is 8.67"/220mm.
(2) The 98.0F/36.7C is the highest Max Daily Temp on record. Previous record was 95.4F/35.2C just last month.
(3) The Daily Max Heat Index has not been calculated yet for all the old data back to 2004, but the 122F/50C on the 9th is surely up there in the Top 10. That was a stinkin' hot day!

(Keep in mind that the temperature readings took a step up in Sep 2011 when the measuring location moved from Deanna & Darwin's apartments up in the breezes above the church, down to my un-breezy and warmer backyard in the flats near the Jardin. Could be a 2-4 degree F difference on calm hot days(??))

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