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Re: what do you own ?

Posted by shane on September 22, 2012, 2:26 pm, in reply to "Re: what do you own ?"

I have very much enjoyed reading the insights offered up on this lengthly discussion .

In owning LM ..... everything is relative to what you can afford . If you are rich then a 400k shack is what you hang out in . Not so rich then a 40k shack will do nicely . But , either person has to be able to AFFORD to walk away with nothing but the fond memories of the years their investment brought them , hopefully.

It really gets sad hearing people borrowed money to build in LM ... and will be paying it off for years ..... with no title or protection in sight .

Grandpa always preached , neither a borrower or lender be . If you can`t afford to pay cash for a item and related upkeep costs ..... then you can`t afford it and put your well being at needless risk .

I guess that is why I could only afford to pay cheap rent for years but in the end same as everyone else I will have fond memories of what my renting investment brought me.

Again .... I have very much enjoyed this discussion and the memories entailed . Thx

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