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signatures for Red Cross

Posted by Patricia on December 5, 2012, 7:15 pm

After hearing of our recent tragic and deadly accident,I have decided to research what is needed
to have a Red Cross branch here or nearby to La Manzanilla. It is not my intention to duplicate any of the efforts already in place such as getting an ambulance or the like but we all know we need more than an ambulance or an amulance that breaks down when is most needed. We need an established emergency clinic with personnel that can deal with emergency issues at the time that happen and or on the way to a hospital.
I will start by collecting signatures of interested folks who would like to see this happen. I am especially interested in folks who pay taxes and own homes here but will include all. Although I am native of Mexico, I've been in the USA too long to know if this will work but I am willing to give it a try and was suggested by one of my brothers here in Mexico as a possibility to our problem.
Please look for me at the Friday Market. It is my intention to take signatures directly to The Red Cross offices in Guadalajara. I was a board member of the Red Cross in my hometown in the USA and feel that might help. Also, please share any info that you think it might help me.Does anyone know anything about the emergency clinic in Careyes? or ways to contact them?

Do not forget to stop by the market this Friday.I will have a sign of the Red Cross.
If you do not want or can not sign at least call La Huerta to complain and take a stand. The next lost life could be yours.


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