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Re: A matter of life or death

Posted by Carol de Cuastecomates on December 6, 2012, 8:53 am, in reply to "A matter of life or death"

This is La Manz business and the La Manz residents should, of course, decide how to handle matters. But, really all, you need to think more about how this is set up unless you want to have to do replays each time local governing bodies change leadership.

The next person who is head of the ejido may need to sell the ambulance or your materials and supplies for something that he and other ejido members think is more important in that moment.

I strongly recommend that you set up your own licensed non-profit beneficial organization. Many have done it and it is not that hard or that expensive.

That way, there is only one set of demands on the money -- the demand for quality emergency services -- not all of the demands that ejido members or others may feel.

Not to mention that the collection now, before that is done, of funds may well be illegal.

And, a further heads up -- Inmigration is now reading local message boards.

All of that said, when Cruz gets back, I would be happy to introduce her and whomever else is interested to someone who just went through the process of setting up a nonprofit.

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