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New Emergency Numbers

Posted by Valerie on December 7, 2012, 4:26 pm

Ok - I have asked Daniel to scratch everything that is on the board now and create one link for "Emergency Telephone Numbers". Here are the only real "emergency" numbers we have at our disposal. (remember: if you are truly stuck for a health service provider you can still find it in the archives.)

Medical Assistance:

Ambulance BAEJAC: 315-112-4048
- Can call any day any time

Dr. Leon: 315-104-8968
- (new doctor at Centro de Salud)
- He is at the Centro de Salud every Monday to Friday, 8-2

Centro de Salud: 351-5117
- Hours of operation: Monday to Friday, 8-3

Farmacia Acevez ~ Dra. Mrta Acevez: 351-7205

Police Emergencies also call 315-112-4048
- the EMTs are interconnected (by radio) with the police.

For the Comandancia of police in La Huerta: 357-384-0178.

For the Delegado (Pedro): 315-100-9685

This list is to get us started on the right "page".

A couple of things to note:
- There may be a new working telephone number for our police to come, and it will be added at that time;
- I will be adding Rocio's number at a later date, but don't have one for the other vets' in Melaque if anyone could provide me with those and I'll add them ('cause our little friends have emergencies too);
- if anything else needs to be added, it will be.

There is a second list being made as we speak of all the other health related telephone numbers and locations that are important to us (e.g. Echauri's, chiropractors, optometrist, etc. ) These numbers are important, but are not really "emergency" numbers so this second page will be entitled 'HEALTH PROVIDERS" and I hope to get this info on the board asap. Please keep sending me your suggestions for health providers, and if anyone giving any other health services want to drop me an email I would be more than happy to add you to the list. I will be giving Daniel what I have to post on Friday the 14th so email me quickly.

If your name was on the previous page it is NOT an assumption that you will be on the new list.


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