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Re: Police - items needed for their sleeping accomodations

Posted by Andy on December 12, 2012, 9:21 pm, in reply to "Re: Police - items needed for their sleeping accomodations"

Wow! How generous of the local expat community. Please don't take offense, but I have read all the posts on this issue. From Dec. 6th. to Dec. 10th. all y'all expats have managed to come up with for these two gentlemen are a two burner stove, a chair, and a handleless frying pan, a couple of fans? Are you all so busy? I would have thought you would have been falling all over yourselves to make their time in La Manz. as comfortable as possible.
Aren't there any somewhat carpenters amongst you that could whack together a couple of bed frames, and maybe find some foamy's or air mattresses that have been hiding in one of your closets for the last few years? And what about those kitchen cabinets of yours, where no doubt there are items tucked way in the back, rusting away, gathering dust, scorpions, maybe tarantulas, etc., that will never be used by you, but would be happily be used by these two.
I have travelled Mexico many times over the years, and cannot count the number of times I have been treated to the kindness and hospitality by the Mexican people, some who could ill afford it.
Put yourselves in their shoes. Show these gentlemen that they are welcome, and appreciated.
Cheers, and Happy holidays

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