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Re: Change ?

Posted by Brad on December 16, 2012, 3:30 pm, in reply to "Re: Change ?"

Thanks for the response Ron. However, I respectfully disagree with your sentiments for a few reasons. As a person who has worked in the public school system ( in the North ) for 37 years, I would hate to have had to depend on fund raisers to supply our school. ( while we did hold many special events to fund special things it was government collected tax monies that provided for our main budget) Similarly, ambulance, health care and police services should be thought of as important essential services that aren't dependent on fund raisers. We do pay a crazy amount of tax up here - tax on income - tax on property- tax in restaurants - tax on booze - tax on gas etc etc - it is a bit over the top and of concern to many. However, having a great health care system, free public education and police services is worth it. I initially raised this issue a while back in an attempt to be of assistance in some way. I respect open honest dialogue and know that we all want improvements in some areas for all La Man residents. I favor a tax system which I think will provide more consistent on going funding and not impact anyone too negatively. Something like $1 - $10 a month per house -- $2 - $5 per business -- $.50 per meal --- $1 per rented room -- adding this to the wonderful fund raisers that so many are involved in would help achieve some goals a little quicker as most are dependent on funding. However, if the elected officials and La Man citizens feel that such a tax scheme is too unrealistic or cumbersome and would impose too much hardship, then so be it. I continue to believe that schools and health care facilities and providers need to be in place for all and have a consistent more secure type of funding.-----anyway ---- Thanks to all who continue to provide support and funding in any way to the kids and families in need.

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