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Advice requested about bringing Humanitarian Aid into Mexico

Posted by Rob L. on December 19, 2012, 10:58 pm

We are planning to bring at least one bag of school supplies to LM next week on Westjet if there is space. On the Westjet website, for Humanitarian Aid it states: "Some countries have restrictions on the types of aid permitted. If planning to bring humanitarian aid, you must contact the country's consulate or embassy to verify what items are permitted, as well as the guidelines and procedures for importing the item(s)."

Can anyone explain to me the Guidelines and Procedures to follow, or suggestions about how to 'import' these items?! Has anyone encountered any difficulties or restrictions on what they have brought in to support the schools? Are there any known problematic items on the list posted today (excluding construction, cleaning and maintenance supplies, which I am not bringing? Have people stated to the Mexican authorities that it is Humanitarian Aid, presents, OR??? Perhaps everyone says nothing and waits for the GREEN light!

I can not remember what is on the entry form we sign on the plane, and wonder what happens if we get the lovely RED light and should have declared Humanitarian Aid. I have never been fortunate enough to have encountered that situation. In the past we have always packed the items into our personal suitcases and not worried about it! I just want to 'have all my ducks in a row' to help ensure all will go smoothly, and make sure we get there with all the items on Christmas day!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, based on your experiences and knowledge.



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