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URGENT! info on upcoming event on Saturday needed

Posted by Myranda on January 2, 2013, 10:11 am

Does anyone know anything about an event in the Jardin last Saturday which is supposed to happen again this Saturday?

Pedro, mayor and sound tech, invited Mike and I to play last Saturday or this coming Saturday in the Jardin. We were unable to do so last Saturday as I was ill so we didn't go to the Jardin to see what was happening. Pedro was sketchy on details and my Spanish is improving but it is still just basic with the result that I don't know what is going on!!

I am wondering if a bilingual speaker can take a few minutes and help me sort this out by talking to Pedro today between 9:00am and 1:00pm when he is in his office at the Delegation.

I need to know the following:
1. What is the event? If it is a fundraiser, who for?
2. What time does it start? end?
3. Who is the organizer? Who do I contact to set a time to perform?
4. Could my piano students and guitar students also perform?
5. Is there a sound system and if so, who is in charge?
6. Where exactly in the Jardin is the event taking place? Is there a stage or are performers at street level?

I will be most grateful if someone can help me get this info ASAP!

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