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Re: Insect repllent

Posted by Solomon on January 12, 2013, 9:14 pm, in reply to "Re: Insect repllent"

I very rarely get bitten, and only by the occasional sand flea, since I started taking a daily dose of vitamins B6 and B12. JoAnna has reported similar experience with B5 & 12 (if memory serves). I notice that it makes my sweat smell kinda bad, but nobody else seems to notice. I am that guy who can smell when people are getting sick, before they feel it, so my sense of smell is definitely on the more extreme end of the spectrum. DEET makes me sick, so I can't use it, but OFF sells a little fan with anti-bug *something* which, when turned on and placed nearby, causes all the bugs to want to be elsewhere. It's great for under tables and chairs, those places that bugs love to hide, and I haven't noticed any toxic smells or effects on my body. The downside is that I've only ever seen it for sale in the US, and I have to bring extra refill envelopes for the machine. (It does say all over the envelope that it's pretty toxic, and please please wash your hands after handling.)

For those few times when the no see ums or sand fleas do take a nibble, I prevent further bites with Johnson's "baby lociĆ³n antimosquito" which claims to offer 4 hours of protection and is available in many pharmacies (if not in La Manz, in Melaque). It smells inoffensive and does not contain DEET, but in concert with the B vitamins it does the job for me.

I am serious about avoiding mosquito bites. Not only is it unpleasant, but I caught hemorrhagic dengue a few years ago and do NOT want to repeat the experience. That was unpleasant! There's not a lot of dengue this year, but it's in the local mosquito population and will always be a concern.

Do what works for you. If DEET is your thing, if you can get it and it works for you, do that. I've never had citronella work for me, I must be too delicious. If you don't mind taking vitamins every day, try a B complete or B 6 & 12 and supplement (if necessary) with the Johnson's baby lotion or your preferred brand of repellent. Sometimes multiple strategies are better than one single product.

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