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Posted by Rennie on February 1, 2013, 8:39 am

Daniel beat me to the punch (not ponche) on this one, and his photos offer a much clearer explanation, but here is my two pesos worth:

Beginning on the evening of Feb 5 for the Ejido farola...

you'll want to be at the square after dark each night on when a banda (walking group of musicians – includes a tuba player) will promote the following day. The farola is a four sided poster - a big box atop a long pole and it advertises each day of the Fiesta. The strong youth of the town (and a few oldsters, too) take turns spinning the Farola - believe me, it's not light-weight - and leading the banda and a huge crowd of dancers around the square, down Calle Maria Asuncion to the Casino and back to the square for more dancing.

Truly it is a social event not to be missed as everyone is there, including the dancing horses.

The Gringo Day Farola takes place at the square on Wed Feb 6 and for this we must also mention the powerfully tasty punch, from Lupita’s family recipe, made by some of the women that afternoon which will be pouring freely.

Wear sturdy sandals or good walking shoes if you are dancing the Farola as the crowds tend to be exuberant and the streets are dark.

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