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Posted by Baseball Patti on February 12, 2013, 8:56 pm

Frankly Scarlett, I'm going to watch them play ball next Tuesday. I heard today's game was terrific.

Yes folks, Rhett was correct. Today's game was as exciting as could be imagined.

The Yankees and Jaguars faced each other on the diamond. Each team was a picture of determination!!

Yankees batted first, and BIG BATS THEY WERE!! There were 2out and the bases were loaded, when Luis "The Babe" Victoria stepped up to the plate. With one mighty swing, and a resounding "Crack" the ball went sailing to the other end of the ball field. A Grand Slam, bringing in 4 runs. The next batter hit a high fly ball, which the Jaguar's third basegirl Pricilia caught with ease. 3 out and now the Jaguars would have their turn to "sail" the ball. Man on first, and Lucky Lucio stands at the plate. 1 strike, 1 ball, and the third pitch was the charm. Another well hit long into the outfield. Home run and run batted in for Lucky Lucio. Now Brayan "the Bomber" swings and drives on deep into left field. Another home run. Sadly though, this ended the hitting streak for the Jaguars, temporarily. The next 2 innings saw the Yankees score time and time again until they had reached 19. The Jaguars never gave up, no not those wily cats. Bottom of the fifth, and final bat, the Jaguars roared back and went for the jugular. A ralley happened bringing 10 runs to add the Jags score, the gap was closing. But a well played double play by the Yankees closed out today's game for the big Cats. Final score 19-13. After the "good game" walk was completed both sides congratulated the other on a well fought battle.
The Jags however, did mention retribution next Tuesday, lol

Come on out and watch some really good baseball.
Oh and by the way, these Seniors have put out a challenge to play the "Old Phartes" again.


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