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Re: Evironment revisted

Posted by Larry F. on February 13, 2013, 9:48 pm, in reply to "Re: Evironment revisted"

Ok, let's separate out "hype" from fact.

1. What is the volume of raw sewage that flows into our lagoon each year?

2. What fact suggests that detruction of turtle eggs is nothing new?

3. What facts suggest that bird life was affected dramtically 50 years ago?

4. How does one define a "stupid dupe", and who would be placed in that category?

5. In terms of the environment, what should we get excited about, if not nothing?

6. When looking for solutions that have "everyone in mind", do we mean only people, or do we include animals, plants, water bodies, etc.?

7. What is the weakest link that we humans take out our frustrations on, and how do we justify our need/desire to control and manipulate everything on earth?

How about solutions that have all things, not everyone, in mind?


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