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Rumors causing trouble...

Posted by David Dagoli on February 14, 2013, 1:28 pm

People here in La Manzanilla seem to be very worried about what is going on in the drug violence in the surrounding area. They are keeping their children close to home, and are worried about going out at night. There is a rumor going around about 2 students killed at a school in Jaluco today. People are saying this may affect how many Mexicans turn out for the dance in the jarding tonight.

According to, it's just not true:

"A series of rumors caused psychosis in the municipal schools of Cihuatlán, where parents came to "evacuate" hundreds of students.

The Director of Municipal Public Security Cihuatlán, Jorge Enrique Garcia CANAL235.COM Esqueda said in an interview that no threats nor student missing school communities, lamenting that "false information" alert and continue causing fear among cihuatlenses.

Minutes after 10 am, at the Technical High School 20 and other school communities, began the "social psychosis" after rumors leaked about two missing students and threats to schools in the School Melchor Ocampo, teachers recognized that families were getting alarmed parents, but did not have authorization from the Ministry of Education to suspend classes, had not received any communication from the municipal authorities on the situation.

At 11 am, the Public Safety Director Jorge Garcia Enrique Esqueda denied the rumors, ensuring that they had no official reports of any students disappeared, nor threats to schools to demand the release of offenders.

The police chief said that is supported by elements of the military garrison of Melaque and Secretary of Public Security of the State of Jalisco to maintain peace and tranquility in this county.

In the main avenues and some schools showed the presence of military and police, while dozens still insisted parents withdraw their children from schools.

In social networks, some students welcomed the suspension of classes. Other citizens lamented the psychosis caused by rumors."

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