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Re: environment revisited

Posted by Patricia on February 16, 2013, 1:12 pm, in reply to "Re: environment revisited"

Well there is definetly enough s#$& going around in this message board thru all of this useless exchanges. But I can not ignore the blatant generalizations I see in this last remark. Littering is neither a "Guadalajaran traditon" nor a
"Mexican National sport."
I take offense because I am from Guadalajara and obviously from Mexico.I and no one in my family litters here or in GDL or anywhere else. Littering problems (everywhere in the world )are mostly caused by ignorant, uneducated folks who have not had access to proper disposing sites, containers or concientation about the health issues related to littering and some just blatantly do not care.But I have seen this problem in many places in the world including the good old USA. I have not been to Canada so I can not include it.


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