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Re: environment revisited

Posted by Daveeeed h on February 16, 2013, 3:26 pm, in reply to "Re: environment revisited"

Well stated Patricia, I will admit to a clumsy attempt at humor, but on many trips down the beach here, picking up volumes of trash I have happened on tourist littering and I do ask we're they are from and most have said GDL they appeared well off and their ATVs were new and shiney so that eliminates the "not used to sanitation excuse". And I will admit the others were poor and did not know better.

I agree other countries have only recently got their trash scene together so to get all uppity about that is not called for. So you are correct there........and Mexico has really addressed the problem much quicker than we they did in the USA. Sombreros off to you.

But I was only specifically all refering to the large influx of tourists with my comments about the trash problem, and I have many years of trash hauling to back up my statement.

Local folks care about their home and do not litter like the vacation throngs, I would be happy to show you exactly what I have seen on any evening during my litter rounds, maybe you can join me, you are welcome any time during the CRUSH to see for yourself.

But again you are right that did not need to be brought up in this forum.

Oh I heard someone took pictures and filed the proper reports at the right office and the Boca Resort campground was immediately shut down......correct?

Hmmmm it seems like this really was a waiste of our time and yes "we were right" to say this is not the"best way" to solve the problem.


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