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The Great Dane/Actually Mastiff

Posted by cisco's amigos on February 21, 2013, 7:38 pm

In case you missed my earlier post:
Emotionally I'm shattered by the cruelty I have witnessed by someone I have known for 14 years. Getting through the red tape has been a huge lession; being threatened with a Demanda because I entered someones property without permission is one thing but listening to the owner tell the police that he feeds the animals( 2 dogs and a horse) everyday is heartbreaking.
He actually had a Vet , new in our town and fresh out of school , sign a letter that all the Mastiff needed was vitamins and a worm pill. Our Cisco's Amigos Vets at this point intervened and talked to both the Vet and the owner and asked for the dog to be brought into La Manzanilla so a correct treatment of recovery could be started. The owner agreed to this and we expected the Mastiff to be seen at 6pm last night(2/20) . When the Vets arrived the owner said he didn't have a car available to get the dog, but at 8am this morning the dog would be there. At 8:30am the Vets arrived and were told the owner went fishing at 3:am and would not be returning until 3pm today (2/21) . Our Vets flight to Mexico City left at 2:00pm today.

I have learned that this past November a new law was passed buy the country of Mexico for the protection of animals. The police are aware of it and are trying to help. The responsibility of enforcing this law has fallen on the shoulders of Protection Civil. Obviously the office in Cihuatlan doesn't know this. They were called last Saturday and denied any responsibility. That's where things came to a halt. The problem is out of the jurisdiction of our police. But Officer Romelo Magana has been amazing!
Why Cihuatlan ? The ranch is located less than a few 1000 feet outside the municipality of La Huerta.
So off to Cihuatlan on the way to the airport to talk to Vets. Francisco in Cihuatlan and Beto in Melaque. Francisco is aware of the new law and immediately started to put in a call to Protection Civil. Beto was not in his office but our vets talked to his wife. I hope the 2 of them talk and get some fire under this situation.
If you would like to help, please e-mail Dr. Francisco's office @ or call Dr. Beto @ 355-6782 and tell them of your concern for this animal. It will really help push them into action.
I was told this evening by Officer Romelo that if they are called into action by Protection Civil they will be able to do something for this poor animal so brutally abused.


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