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bendita manzanita

Posted by mokita on February 23, 2013, 2:54 am

The sunset is the beginning of a night and then, the promise of a new day.

Blessed who lives in you day by day,who breathes the smell of mangoes and marine salt,who plans in it's mind the place were to be buried without saying it.

Night by night I devoted my soul to you,with my packets full of magic and beach sand.

With the simplicity that comes with the total ignorance of the existence of human evil,looking at the boats in the distance like flying saucers hovering over the ocean.

Blessed who live in you and call you home whom walk barefoot on the street all the way to the beach,looking to the horizon wondering what is beyond the sea.

Blessed whom fly over you without touching you and scream he's love to you in silence with tears in he's eyes.

And you don't change because you are a gift from god,eternal like air and the sun,like rocks that time convert in sand.

Blessed who die in you because he's burial will be magical and never will be forgotten.

Blessed who embrace you and give it's heart in pay of so much love.

Blessed who appreciate you for who you are because he will die in peace with him self.


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