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Re: Hold Michelle in mind

Posted by Daniel on December 14, 2013, 8:42 pm, in reply to "Hold Michelle in mind"
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Just to communicate my experience this evening. I was sitting at the beach
bar with some friends when this guy runs toward us saying "call an ambulance".
In the background behind him I see two guys hauling someone out of the water.
I went to the office and went to this emergency numbers page and called
the ambulance number, which went to voice mail. I then called the Delegado
number, also voice mail. I called the local police number, no answer. A bit
frustrating but I know they can't be available 24/7. also others
may have been calling them about the same situation. I also have the emergency
number on my fridge but did not think of that at the time.

I went back out to the beach and ran to the person. The guy from restaurant
Guacamole was on his cell phone and said he had contacted the ambulance
which was in Los Ingenios and would be here soon.

Michelle was unconcious, he had a good pluse but his breathing was shallow
and very labored about a breath per 2 seconds. He also had blood colored
saliva coming out his mouth and nose. He was cool to the touch and did not
have much color, maybe even a little blue.

It was easy to see he was in critical conditon and needed immediate assistance.
Some other people showed up, one lady talked to Michelle, comforting him verbally
and putting her hands on him, we also covered him with a towel and one of the guys who
pulled him out of the water was holding his head. (Michelle was lying on his left side)
Mike recommended that we turn him so his head was pointing toward the water
i.e. a downward direction vs the upward direction that he was currently in.
I and a couple others said it may be best not to do that, I think we were just
happy that he was still breathing and didn't want to do anything that would
change that. Actually Mike's suggestion may have been the right thing to do,
a good part of the information one has accumulated over the years about what to
do in a situation like this is suddenly difficult to access.

About 4 minutes later the ambulance showed up at Yolanda's restaurant, the
emergency personel checked his pulse and breathing and put him on
a back board and took him to the ambulance.

I didn't think of it till now but no one I am aware of (including the ambulance guys)
asked the guys who pulled Michell out of the water about the conditions they found him in,
e.g. floating face down, how long? etc. Some of the people said that some of his movements
right when they pulled him out of the water led them to believe he had a stroke.

I hope this helps those who were seeking information and communicates
an experince to those who may encounter a similar situation at some point in
the future.


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