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Re: US/CDN boats Seized

Posted by Valerie :)* on December 22, 2013, 10:04 am, in reply to "US/CDN boats Seized"

I sailed with waters of Mexico for 2 years - constantly going up and down the coast until I could tear myself away and continue my journey south.

During that time I was boarded 8 times by the Mexican Navy while cruising. Each time was done with safety in mind, and respect was mutual. While it was unusual at the time for the Captain of the vessel to be female, they adjusted nicely. I grew not to be leery of these boardings and took them in stride.

I was also boarded several times while at anchor, but by a group with a different mind-set. These men were abrasive and demanding ~ both of my paperwork as well as our physical location on the vessel. They wanted me on deck so I could not interfere with them "searching" my vessel for contraband below decks.

One time springs to mind - at Puerto Angel after anchoring and while cleaning the boat we were approached by a small canoe, with an even smaller boy inside asking if I wanted to buy some marijuana. I replied "no thank you" and within 5 minutes of that young boy hanging off my lines I was boarded by the Port Police - and had my boat searched completely, bow to stern. Circumstance? I think not.

When sailing in Mexico it is always advisable to never get comfortable ~ stay alert ~ but seizing vessels while in a marina just because no one is on board to show paperwork is ludicrous! All that paperwork needs to be kept by the marina as well and any information could be obtained there. I know this as I left my vessel in Guaymas to go to San Diego for parts - photocopies, certified copies and carbon copies of all of my paperwork was left with their office after I checked in at the Capitania de Puerto with my Zarpe. Why the officers feel the need to seize these vessels is just beyond comprehension.

End of rant.

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