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There is recovery from Dengue

Posted by Mary jo on December 24, 2013, 12:20 pm

After a few days in Hospital Echauri with IV's and restoring platelet count to the acceptable 100,000 and drinking tons of starfruit juice and coconut water, I feel great! This is a note to any who may have a few questions about dengue. It is a virus and the mosquito who bites an infected person can bite quite a few others before its demise. It is important to wear mosquito repellent (There are a lot of natural, non-deet brands). You can make your own from vodka, coconut oil and tea tree, eucalyptus, citonela oils. Drink it? Nahh. Do need to apply often. Mornings and dusk the mos. is more active, however they are active in daytime too. Be sure to check around your house. They like to breed in standing water. Plants, flowers etc in water over 2-3 days are likely grounds. If you are feeling poorly (lack of energy, vomit, diarrhea etc) over a few days it is a precaution to take the blood test CITROMETRIA HEMATICA and check to see that your platelet count is over 100,000. Benny, in Melaque across from dentist Dr Woo, does a good job and sends results to your email. There are many good Dr's in Melaque-Barra: Dr Crespo 355-8082; Dr Jorge 355-7452; Dr Rubio (female) 355-5412. Maybe others have their favorites. Anyone who has an internet connection may want to look up more info on dengue. Have courage, this is curable.

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