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Kenny´s Evolution Salon Spa Fundraising Event Fashion Show

Posted by Guadalupe on January 6, 2014, 7:54 am

Since our annual Fashion Show got hi-checked, we are now coming up with another different concept for our fundraising event. We will post the information in the near future.
The proceeds of the event will again go towards the education of thre youn people from this town, also we are giving a donation for the ambulance, because we feel this is very important for our community, Mexicans and Foreigners need to be together in that project.
Also we would like to let you know:as usual the dispersion of the proceeds will be transparent, anyone can check to see where the money goes, it is your contributions and there should not be any obscurity. We give last year a copy to the Delegado: Don Pedro Preciado of the receipts of each one of the girls, and this year we will do exactly the same.
Thanks for your coperation.

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