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Re: aluminum cans

Posted by Carol Lopez on January 6, 2014, 2:30 pm, in reply to "Re: aluminum cans"

That couple (my neighbors) will also accept metal cans (like from a can of beans).
They bundle them up and sell them to the folks who come around in a loudspeaker
truck asking for anything made of metal (stoves, refrigerators, etc.),
that is no longer fixable.

This seems like a great way to recycle; everyone wins, including a local family.

I've asked them about returnable beer bottles, but they said they can't get
the deposit back if they haven't bought it (or maybe if it came from
a different store) Does anyone have the scoop on this policy?

There are some beer bottles that are non-returnable (marked right on them)
Who knows the logic of that one...?
and as far as I know, no
other glass is being recycled; though I could sure use some large glass jars,
if you have some for me.

Good question about the plastic - what is the status of that these days?


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