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Posted by Daniel on January 9, 2014, 11:38 am, in reply to "Costalegre tourism projects"

Here is the article translated by Google

The State Government's plan to diversify tourism begin to take shape in
Costalegre in the next two months.

BUSINESS In an interview with the head of the Ministry of Tourism of
Jalisco (Secturjal), Enrique Ramos Flores, said that before the works
begin October four developments with those seeking to capture the
attention of the Federal Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry) and
the Tourism Board of Mexico ( CPTM ).

This to trigger further investment in the area, it said that you have
a bag of 20 billion pesos for the remainder of the current state administration .

In fact, the four projects in question - hotel development Sapphire,
The Pink and The Tecuán and real Rancho San Andrés, in Careyes,
involve a private investment by 8000 to 500 million pesos.

"Governor (Jorge Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz) will meet with the Ministry
of Tourism on Wednesday (today), we hope to make them feel that the Tourism
Ministry and the Secretariat CPTM overturn this represents a potential area
for the next 10 years amazing for Jalisco," he said.

He added that connectivity to the destination airport will provide a
new Municipality Tomatlán, leveraging an existing track almost on the border
with La Huerta.

This track has already been delivered to the Secturjal to make the
necessary arrangements with the Ministry of Communications and
Transport (SCT) to become a terminal shaped area.

"The airport is really low investment, the airport became the
responsibility of the Ministry of Tourism, the Governor we went for
our managers to federal authorities and work with employers," said Ramos Flores.

"We are signing an agreement to give permission to employers to, hand in
hand with us, let us run to the Treasury down resources to the SCT and
equipment for the track , which will be decisive is made to detonate these projects."

Although the Secretary did not detail the characteristics of the
project, said that included a marina for boats and golf course.

Jorge Cuevas, president of the Hotel Association of Costalegre, said that
with the new developments around thousand hotel rooms to the current offer
2000 900 rooms will be added.

In early July last, BUSINESS I reported that the state was going to bet on
this region, formed by the municipalities of Cihuatlán, La Huerta,
Tomatlán and Cabo Corrientes to diversify tourism because it is concentrated
in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara (ZMG) and Puerto Vallarta.

While attending an event in Los Pinos, the Governor revealed that
initially inject $700 million in various projects in the region."


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