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Baseball is like a poker game

Posted by Baseball Patti on January 11, 2014, 7:41 am

The great Jackie Robinson once said that "Baseball is like a poker game--when you are losing, you don't want to quit, and when you are winning, you don't want to quit."
Our senior teams proved that to be very true last night!!!

To date the Crocodiles have been nipping the tails of the Sharks more often than not, and once again took the lead in the first inning with 2 runs brought home by Lucky Lucio and Michelle Victoria.

A quick "welcome back" here to Michelle, who due to a heavy school semester has just now been able to return to the game. You might remember Michelle from the Wind Up Day photos--she received the award for best female player in the League. There wasn't much "rust" on the girl even with a such a long lay off.

Bottom of the first, produced a stand up double for Haziel, who later was able to cross home plate with a solid hit from our ""Power Pacho".

Sharks Captain& Pitcher, Juan Pablo, slid some good solid strikes past the Crocodile batters during the next 2 innings and the fielders were there when a Croc was lucky enough to get a hit.

Same went for Crocs Captain & Pitcher, Luis. Both teams only scored 2 runs at this point of the game.

Inning 4 always seems to be a "break out" inning for one of the teams--and this week it was the Sharks "moment in the sun". While holding the Crocs scoreless, the Sharks bit and bit again and again.
Haziel(you might know him from Chop Chops taco stand)slammed in a home run to start the rally. Trying to sneak a pitch past Haziel is like trying to sneak a sunrise past a rooster--ain't gonna happen!
Captain Juan Pablo proved his batting is every bit as good as his pitching as a triple put him on third.
Pacho next, great hit, but a great stop & throw to first by Crocs 3rd Baseman Lucio, stopped him in his tracks!
Next up--Lyle, our Colorado Kid, made it cleanly to first, and then stole second on an overthrow. Yosio brought him home with a comical hit. These smaller players confuse the fielders every time. Yosio was batted in by Bryon "The Bomber" Lopez.
4 runs for the Sharks.

The next couple of innings were carbon copies of #4. Try as they might the Crocs were unable to cross the plate, while the Sharks pounded in another 2 runs.

Both teams called out to play "mas, mas, mas!"
Unfortunately, darkness was creeping up rapidly, and the game was ended. Protests came loudly from both sides! However, for safety reasons, they were over-ruled. Even if you can't see the ball any longer, IT has an uncanny way of finding YOU!!

Final score--Sharks-9, Crocs-4

I would like to add a Thank you note here to the spectators who came out to watch.The kids do so appreciate an audience!!

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