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Capillary Cauterization Service

Posted by Lupita, on January 13, 2014, 12:37 pm

This service is for women that dye their hair a lot. Or hair that is very dry and damaged.

We have this service for a special price of $250 pesos. Let us pamper you

One of the biggest fears that plague the female universe is that the appearance of their hair is not pleasant. Keeping them healthy is impeccably possible and there are many processes that assist in this goal, one of them is the capillary cauterization.

Such cosmetic treatment is nothing more than a restructuring of the wires, where the sealing cuticle is so that nutrition remain the same, as well as ductility. The appearance and hair nourished and shiny is evident after a few sessions of cauterization, which has keratin (a protein that is part of the composition of the hair) as a major ingredient. Besides the application of keratin must moisturize the wires, otherwise will be brittle

For the treatment described here you will need: liquid keratin, a hydrating mask, an anti-residue shampoo, a hair dryer and a flat iron.

Wash hair with shampoo deeply anti-residue, no point in common use shampoo because they do not offer the depth necessary cleanup treatment cautery.
After washing, remove the fine excess water and then apply a mask hydration quality, prefer products that do not contain paraffin. Leave this mask act for a few minutes, then rinse well. Remove excess water again.
Separate your tresses in small tufts, attach them to in order to facilitate implementation.
Spray the liquid keratin throughout the length of the lock you will work. Massage quite dry and then with the aid of a dryer.
Leave the hair without washing for at least three days, time required for the action of keratin.
Wait at least 15 days to repeat the treatment, otherwise the wires will be attacked and become brittle.

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