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Monday Duplicate Bridge Results

Posted by Ron Stock on January 13, 2014, 6:24 pm

What a crazy day. So many off-balanced hands. Board 11 bidding should have gone like this: North opens One NT. Whatever East does should not interfere. South is holding 8 hearts and 5 diamonds. At whatever level South knows N/S holds at least 10 hearts and should bid Diamonds to transfer hearts to North. After North bids hearts, South, with 6 points and 2 voids, holds a 16 point value hand, 5 for each void, and should ask for aces, then kings, and set the contract at 6 hearts. Marcia and Paula were the only team to do this correctly and received top board. although they didn't transfer and played it in the South. Fun day!

First Place - Bud and Doris - 49pts - 58.33%
Second Place - Larry and Pam - 47pts - 55.95%
Third Place - Marcia and Paula - 46.5pts - 55.36%

Dave and Ron - 45pts - 53.57%
Michel and Judy - 42pts -50%
Bohdan and Sophia - 39.5pts -37.5pts
Donna and Clare - 37.5pts - 44.64%
Betty and Sharin - 29.5pts - 35.12%

Next game at Martin's on Wednesday at 12:30.

Please arrive by 12:15.

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