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Sharks shredded the Crocodiles

Posted by Baseball Patti on January 20, 2014, 8:53 am

At our Seniors game on Friday night, our line up included the coaches, Robin and John on the Crocs, with Felipe and Scottie on the Sharks, and I kind of floated out in left field for both teams.

The kids enjoy this immensely, and it does help to motivate them to extend their plays. It also encourages them to see that all players face the same challenges. No matter how many years experience a player has, strike outs happen and errors are made in the field. But every inning provides another chance.

The "one" that took a real pounding at this game was the ball. The bats were blazing on both teams.

The Crocodiles batted first, and although some great hits were made, the Sharks fielders kept them from scoring. Sharks took the lead with 2 runs.

Crocodiles literally ran through the batting order bringing in 6 runs. Oh, Oh, it appeared to be another runaway for them. The Sharks came in from the field determined that game was not going to be taken from them--at least not this soon. Batter after batter connected with the ball and took their turn at reaching home plate--8 runs were tallied before "3 out" was heard from the umpire.
Their "honour" restored, these warriors went back on defense.

Third inning produced no runs for the Crocodiles, in part to Lyle, "The Colorado Kid" the Shark's shortstop, who sacrificed his body to stop a well hit ball from Coach Robin. A little shaken, but unhurt, Lyle's confidence was raised about a foot with the knowledge that he had thawrted a coach.
The Sharks allowed no runs for the Crocs, then batted in 2 more for their side of the scoreboard.

Well, here we are at inning 4. The Crocodiles added 2 runs to their score and then the Sharks once again took up the bats.

It has been said that a great ballplayer is one that will take a chance. This was proven to be true by Bryon"The Bomber". A good hit from his bat was turned into a home run from him because he challenged the fielders. He "took a chance" and just kept running the bases. Took second base on an overthrow, out-smarted being caught in a "hot box" to get to third and then straight to home. This was definately the most nail-biting play of the game, and the most entertaining.

The next batters followed his example,adding another run, and then loading the bases. Now guess who is up to bat again. Yep, Brian, still pumped from his recent adventure. Didn't much care for the first pitch, but the second one was all his...going, going, and GONE. Grand Slam, bringing the total for the inning to 6, and bringing the total score to a very healthy 18 runs for the Sharks.

Top of the 5th and the Crocs added 3 more runs, bringing their total to a very respectable 11.
Due again to darkness, the Sharks opted not to take their last bat, and the game ended.

While the Crocodiles were a little disheartened, it was only temporary as they know there will be another game on another Friday, and the tide could turn once again. That, and the fact that there were cupcakes for everyone that night.

So, there you have folks some great ball is being played in both divisions. Come out and a catch a game. It's definately more fun to watch than just read about.

Tonight the Jrs. take the field once again at 4 pm
Hope to see some of you out there.


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