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Wednesday Duplicate Bridge Results

Posted by Ron Stock on January 22, 2014, 6:12 pm

Five and a half tables today. Odd, off-balanced hands again the order of the day. Down four, down five happening more than it should. Six tricks made 17 times but only bid and made three times. Percentages bunched up anywhere across the board shows good competition. At least we cooled Sharin and Charlie off a bit.

First Place - Donna and Clare - 67.19%
Second Place - Dave and Ron - 63.02%
Third Place - Terry and Anna - 54.69%
Fourth Place - Charlie and Sharin - 52.60%

Michel and Christine - 51.56%
Bohdan and Sophia - 48.44%
Larry and Nancy - 47.40%
Larry and Pam - 42.13%
Tie between Bud and Doris and Brian and Ginny and Marcia and Paula - 41.67%

Next game at Martin's at 12:30 on Monday.
Please arrive by 12:15.


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