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Help for Chayo

Posted by stephanie on January 27, 2014, 7:49 pm

Several days ago Murray posted here that our wonderful Chayo is in need of a serious operation and fairly soon.

She and her husband dropped by this evening to explain the situation. She has an intestinal tumor which was tested and shows it is cancerous. She
has been advised to have the operation in the near future. The catch is...their Seguridad is a slow moving situation and the wait may take some time. If they go to another Dr. or specialist in Colima or Guad it will be faster but more expensive.

So we have put out the can for donations in the bookstore once again and will donate 1,000 pesos and encourage you to drop by as well.

Belen was in today and received her money for Julian's upcoming trip to the leg specialst he sees in Guad.

Your donations and book buys enable this to happen..many thanks, Stephanie

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