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Re: Valentines Day Love Story Contest.

Posted by Jeanne on January 28, 2014, 2:23 pm, in reply to "Re: Valentines Day Love Story Contest."

Okay, everyone else can just give up right now. I have the best story of Dan (Crosby) and me. Dan and I met back in the summer of 1973--that's right, 41 years ago. We both happened to be with separate groups of people who decided to camp along the Yuba River in Northern California for the whole summer. At the time, Dan had a girlfriend, and I was married with a 3-year old daughter. We all immediately became fast friends, swimming and fishing together, and he will readily admit that he spent a little time "checking out that beautiful dark haired girl" as I swam naked in the river. We ALL swam naked that summer! My little daughter fell in love with Dan, climbing up in his lap whenever he sat down, pledging that she was going to grow up and marry him. We maintained our friendship after the summer, all of us moving to the same town in the Sierra foothills. Dan and my husband continued to fish together, and we attended Dan's wedding, helped him build his first house, saw each other's kids be born. Through the years, I mentioned more than once to my husband how much I admired Dan, what a great guy he was, etc., and he had a private admiration going for me, too. As the years went on, sometimes we maintained better contact than at others, but we always, without fail, exchanged photos and cards at Christmas. I had moved to Alaska and then to Oregon with my husband, and in Oregon, he was suddenly killed in a car wreck. Dan couldn't make it to the funeral--he was snowed in in California--but he came up and spent a few days with me a couple weeks later, and when I had some trouble with bark beetle on my 5-acre property, he came up with his chain saw and helped me cut down trees. He was an incredible comfort to me, and I was reminded how peaceful Dan had always made me feel. Then he went through a divorce, I remarried and moved to Las Vegas--a big mistake that I soon rectified--and we lost contact except for a couple of phone calls. Yet somehow our paths just kept on crossing. Then I knew he was traveling back and forth to Mexico, and I lost track of him completely. After a few years, his brother David finally sent me his email address, saying that he knew Dan would love to hear from me. I emailed him, and his quick reply was "Oh my gosh, I thought I'd lost you!" Within a few months of our original correspondence, I was on my way to visit Dan in Mexico, and when he picked me up at the airport, we shared our very first kiss, after having known each other for 40 years. That kiss was enough to kindle a romance that has continued for two years now come March, and we're still going strong. Just this past summer, Dan and I got together for a big barbeque with our kids, and my daughter saw him for the first time in years. He asked her at the dinner table if, even though she is now married, if she intended to keep her promise to marry him. She immediately said that that would be a little awkward, but she could offer him her mother. He has taken her up on that offer, and I'm happy he has. We both feel that we now have not just a lover, but a dear old friend, a best friend. And that's our love story!

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