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Re: Valentines Day Love Story Contest.

Posted by Daniel on January 28, 2014, 9:53 pm, in reply to "Valentines Day Love Story Contest."
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She was born October 22, 1951 to a middle class family of 4 living in a
newly developed area of California. As was the custom of her Christian
upbringing she was raised to have moral integrity and to obey
God, lest she temp his wrath and burn in hell for eternity. In the home,
church and school she was taught that to have a happy life she would have
to learn to conform, obey and to work hard. Upon completion of those
requirements she would find her soul mate, that special one, her other half,
hopefully one who had a successful career. They would fall in love, marry
and have children, this was the goal she strived toward all through her youth.

In her early years she experienced her first love in the fourth grade, a cute
boy who made her heart go pitter patter, she thought about him constantly
and wondered if he would be the special one that she had heard about, it
certainly felt like he made her life complete. Her parents called it puppy
love, whatever that was supposed to mean. It lasted for a while, then
one day she saw a boy who was even cuter, his name was Steve! He was cool,
very special and all the other kids liked him. When he showed her more
attention than the other girls the feeling of love surpassed what she
was feeling for her current boyfriend, she broke up with him and after a
short time ended up going steady with the new guy Steve. They were perfect
together, his popularity made her even more popular and her beauty made
him the envy of all his friends, together they were perfect and as time
progressed they fell deeply in love.

It was not like love was totally new for her, she knew the love she had for
her mother and father and the sibling love she had for her brothers and
sisters. That love was that warm feeling of comfort of familiarity,
something you could depend on which made you feel safe. She also knew the
love of Jesus. At the tender age of 8 she had dedicated her life to Christ,
she invited him into her heart and he had appeared. She loved Jesus
with all her heart because he had first loved her. To her that was true
love, unlike the love of her parents, siblings or friends or even Steve which
could vary from love to contempt if she did not meet their specific needs.
The love of Jesus was constant, always there when she got lonely or scared
and was waiting in the wings when she was occupied with boys or
other things.

Over the years of dating she and Steve had their share of times when the
love seemed to shift into something other than love, but never strong
enough to permanently disrupt the relationship and after graduating high school
they were married! Finally the achievement of the quest she had started
so long ago to become complete was complete, she was now a complete person.

Steve got a good job, she became pregnant with the first of what ended
up being 4 children and became a full time housewife. During those
years there were some bumps in the road mixed in with the good times that
come from sharing life with the one you love and from watching your offspring
grow and become autonomous individuals, each with their own personality and moods.
Most of those bumps came when Steve or one of the children failed to live up
to her expectations. Sometimes the children did not reflect the wonderful
parent she strived so hard to be, or Steve forgot their anniversary. Other
times he was just insensitive to her needs or he spent too much time working,
she fought to stay his number one love, ahead of his love for work and his
time away from her. Life was good but the life of bliss and fulfillment
that had been promised in her childhood had become tarnished and seemed
somehow unobtainable, at least on a permanent basis.

The love she had for her children was surpassed by nothing, that was a
love which was so deep, such an integral part of herself that no matter
what was happening circumstantially it was constant. She loved them
totally without conditions.

The love of Jesus also remained, unaffected by any external events. No
matter what the storm Jesus was always there to comfort her, a trait which
she found curiously shared by the family dog. That damn dog was always
ready to receive or give love, no matter how many days it had been since
she had paid it any attention nor how many times she had inadvertently
vented her frustration in its direction, its love was steady and constant.
Like the love of Jesus or the love she had for her children you could
depend on it as much as you could the sun rising or setting.

The years went by and the children entered their early teens, she knew they
loved her, at lest she hoped they did, they expressed it with quick
"I love you's" as they hurried about their young lives. Her love for
Steve remained but was now somehow no longer providing the rushes
of chemicals through her blood stream as it had in the past, nor did it
seem reasonable to expect it to, after all, so many years had passed that
it had morphed into a kind of deeper love, something expected, counted
on and dare she admit taken for granted at times. The love you's were
automatic, the sex scheduled, less and less for some seemingly unknown reason.

Then one day she met someone who brought back the pitter patter in her heart
that she hadn't even known was gone. She tried to control her emotions,
to act in some sort of sane fashion that a married mother of 4
was expected to act but to no avail, she fell in love. She told Steve
that she was in love with another and asked for a divorce. Steve went crazy!
First he became hurt then angry then downright vengeful! He got a lawyer
and made the divorce as miserable for her as he possibly could. While she
could understand the pain and hurt of rejection she could not understand
how Steve's love for her could turn to absolute hatred! It was a terrible
awakening and a fundamental challenge to her understanding of love.
She wondered if love was just a bargain, you fill my needs and I fill yours
and we call that love? And if one does not hold up their end of the bargain
then it turns to hatred? If that was true then it was never love, at least
not the unconditional love that she knew of Jesus and the family dog. Next
she questioned the love of Jesus, was that also a bargain? Yes, Jesus did
love her unconditionally, with conditions it seemed. And what of her
new love, what the hell was that about, another unconscious bargain?
Only the dog was left unscathed in her brutal awakening, and even it
was under suspicion as to what would happen to its love if she stopped
feeding it.

The new love, Brian, turned out to be one in a million, or maybe 10 million.
Brian already knew the fallacy of the something's missing myth the masses are
programmed with in their youth and beyond. Brian knew that in truth there is
nothing missing, that we are born safe healed and whole. Brian knew of the
bargaining that passes for love, he was coming from a place of abundance and
wanted to share that abundance with her without expectation of something in
return. He called it giving to receive, he gave so he could have and his giving
was truly unconditional. It was February of that year that she experienced her
first true Valentine's day.


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