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Posted by siegfried on January 30, 2014, 1:54 pm, in reply to "Re: GMO PRODUCTS"

justin, i wish that was true
unfortunately that is incorrect information,
in fact the new government has made a new deal with monsanto in corn to cover 600,000 hectares
basically all commercially produced corn here in mx ( and of course in the US ) is GMO,
that is why i see the rate of cancer here skyrocketing, because they eat a lot of tortillas.
and to ron : well we actually know about it, for example GMO is outlawed in seven countries so far, 50 or more countries have labelling laws, only in NA we can get poisened to death and we have no choice in the matter - democracy at its best ! so in europe basically no-one wants to touch the stuff, if a foodproducing outfit or bakery would use it they would go out of business. they are some organisations in the US ( like traders joe ) that have more and more business because they are committed to not have anything GMO anywhere in their stores and there are a few companies now also starting to sport the GMO free logo/label and i think it is good and smart business. i put this post here to see if people here are interested in this issue and if so they can shop accordingly ...

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