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Re: Valentines Day Love Story Contest.

Posted by terry on January 30, 2014, 4:37 pm, in reply to "Valentines Day Love Story Contest."

Well let's give it a shot at the grand prize. My story is kind of a three way love story and non fiction. My grandmother breifly dated a man quite a few years ago, all of the people in this story are gone now except for me so I feel free to tell it, although they only dated a few months I stared a friendship that lasted the rest of his life, and mine also as I will never forget him., He was a bomber pilot in WW 2 and was involved in the battle of Leyte Gulf shot down twice during the war. I was recovering from my own wartime injury when he bought the house next door, having been raised during the Depression he knew a bargin and found a supermarket that had a beer specail that ran all summer long in 1975, his porch was full of beer it took us nearly three years to finish. During the summer months he would take his vacation and said he returned to his hometown to catch up with boyhood friends. In the summer of 1997 he returned home nearly giddy, at the time he was 80 years old, he went on to tell me that for 52 four years he had been going back home to learn what he could about his first love, Marge. He went on to tell me that they were engaged before he left for the army but she had been from a deeply religous family that had pressured her to break the engagement off which she did through a letter. In the visit he had learned that her husband had passed the previous year, he was unsure what to do so I did what he had done for me several times told him to get off his ass and call. The phone call started a little rough as she had trouble going back 52 years he finally said you used to wear my engagement ring at the gates open up, when he got off the phone he looked at me and said you are taking me to Bativia NY, we were on our way within ten minutes,three hours later we arrived. I was driving an 80 year old teenager to his date, the smile never left his face, I waited in the car until she waived me in. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life to listen to their lives relived over the kitchen table, finally I fell asleep on the couch as they continued to talk, in the morning I drove us back home and drove him out there every weekend for the rest of his life. They had two wonderful years together and his last request to me was to look out for her which I did for another 6 months until she passed, I still miss his guidence and support and expect I always will.

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