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Posted by Red on February 1, 2014, 10:00 pm, in reply to "GMO PRODUCTS"

So help me get up to speed here Siegfried, we are sometimes out of touch in the Rockies.

From what I have read over the years, Gene modified products feed millions of persons who might starve without their altered properties; such as wheat which will withstand saline ground water, or improved varieties of rice able to increase yields in marginal conditions. Corn seems to be high on the list of modified plants which are used in numerous products, and the problem is?

Is this a flat earth type of protest, in defiance of modern accomplishments? Are the fears based on science showing detrimental after effects from consumption of GMO products? Guess I am having a hard time seeing the problem?

Billions of people on the Earth, most would like to eat every day, science is tasked with helping accomplish that simple chore of feeding the masses.
Would we be better off limiting the number of humans to what the Earth can naturally support without modern science's help?

Not trying to be argumentative, I am honestly curious. tia, Rojo

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