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Posted by Ron Smith on February 2, 2014, 10:51 am, in reply to "Re: GMO PRODUCTS"


There are some interesting books on the topic: Wheat Belly, and Grain Brain. Although a bit alarmist, what I got from the books is: GMO wheat has ~4,200 genes and ancient wheat from Mesopatamia had 14. What can go wrong?

I can only offer a bit of anecdotal insight. Eliminating wheat has transformed how my body responds to food that I ingest.

I have a friend that owns Skagit River Ranch that raises organic pork, poultry and beef (which he provided for the James Beard dinner in NYC @ $1,000/plate). He just returned from the Pork Producer's Council annual meeting in NC where they are alarmed because they can no longer effectively use pig intestines for sausages, hot dogs, etc., because they are developing Celiacs Disease with perforations in the casings after ~4 months on a diet of GMO corn. Most casings are now imported from NZ.

There's no doubt that production has increased, but at what cost?

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