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So, What Do We Say to Our Children

Posted by Larry Mc on February 3, 2014, 3:04 am
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So, What Do We Say to Our Children?

La Manzanilla’s relaxed tropical beach provides luxuriating salves for many retired workers who are healing from years of stressful labouring. The sun warms sore bones, the ocean undulations massage tired muscles, and the camaraderie of many friendly people relaxes stiffness. Having trained ourselves to work strategically for equity and security, the La Manzanilla lifestyle, with its constant simple and unexpected pleasures, sometimes, unravels us to the nakedness needed for uncovering old longings. It is inspiring to participate in a community where so many folks are taking risks to sing, paint, dance, stretch and in other ways connect with inner urges. For many of us, the important passions of our youth have long been buried by the ten thousand tasks of developing careers, building homes, and raising families.
Lately, there has been an exceptionally tall, handsome, and dread-locked skipper gliding an unusual 2 masted catamaran to and from anchorages in front of the south beach. The Cat2Fold is an ingenious 36-foot long catamaran that can fold its 24 wide water platform in to a narrow 8 1/2 foot wide trailer able form. This adaptability allows its owner, Brian, to create imaginative combinations of water and land cruising.

Brian is excited by his adventure and enjoys hosting new friends to share some of his experience. We invited ourselves aboard Cat2Fold by setting up a morning where Brian ferried four of us out to his boat for a wonderful day of flowing with the winds. Once on board, the sails were soon filling out with a lazy morning breeze drawing us away from shore. For a full day we sailed “Mauri Style” following what tickled the helmsman. In the middle of the bay, the Cat2Fold easily did 8 knots with only breezes for power. Out of the wind, hooked to the sandy bottom of Tenacatita Bay, our catamaran did zero knots while we did 1 or 2 knots swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding around our floating deck.

On a catamaran, even when it is under sail, there is room to walk about to different spaces for standing, sitting or stretching out. A couple members of our team enjoyed most of the day lounging on the net deck at the front of the boat. Others gathered around the helm to engage the crew in a fun discussion about the philosophical winds that are powering Cat2Fold. Brian graciously invited us to understand the great leap of faith required of him before he was able to skipper Cat2Fold. The essence of Brian’s philosophy may involve learning to live flexibly and simply while following the winds generated by a strong passion. First Mate, beautiful Alexa, emphasized that the Cat2Fold adventure magnetically attracts its needed resources through the intensity of Brian’s loyalty to his passion. The Cat2Fold provides winderful space for Brian to handsomely present “living passionately” points of view.

Late in the afternoon, outside the mouth of the bay, on the edge of a great bowl of open-ocean, my hand dancing with the rhythm of the tiller, I was dazzled by a sundrenched lightway stretching westward to the horizon. My imagination became excited with the immediate possibility of converting the Cat2Fold into a pirate ship and sailing off to wherever I chose.

Having slept on this impulse and, now, ruminating on my flamboyant urge, what do I wish to say to my children who may be twisting up their passions far behind the ten thousand tasks? Maybe, I want to say, “Be resolute in your labours, do good and kind work, and, when you are an elder, you may be gifted with a pension that allows for days holding the helm of a strong man’s fantasy, and, evenings holding your partner’s cupped hand on a comfortably warm sandy beach!” Or, perhaps, I wish to say, “Choose to waste little time on anything other than the grandest passions you feel and imagine!”

Fortunately, either choice could well include sumptious meals, served with heartwarming smiles, on a beach table looking out to sailboats bobbing in a starlit bay.


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