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Re: help homeless pregnant single mom

Posted by Myranda on February 26, 2014, 11:28 am, in reply to "Re: help homeless pregnant single mom"

Dear friends of Angelica and children,
The new baby girl arrived on Sunday, her name is Jade, and mom and babe are fine. Using some of the funds raised, Angelica was able to purchase insulin needed for the birthing; newborn size diapers; childcare and food for her other children while in hospital; and transportation costs. And she did not have to give birth on the street!

There are several people who have offered to pay a month’s rent for this very desperate family and to give the mom and children a chance at a better life. It has been suggested that the rent money be held by our delegado, Pedro, and that he disperse it to the landlord directly when rent is due. It has also been suggested that a credit be established at one of the local groceries stores with a weekly limit so that Angelica can provide food for the children and herself until such time as she can fend for herself. We have been very clear that all funds that have been collected in response to “finding a home for a pregnant mom with a disabled son and a 4 year old daughter” have gone to exactly that – finding a home, providing food, and preparing for birth. There has been a separate account set up in Eduardo’s name for his medical expenses and all monies are and will continue to be accounted for.
At no time whatsoever has any money from our fundraising gone to the father, Roberto, who is not in the picture at this time.

There have been some assumptions made by some members of the community in an attempt to thwart our fundraising efforts by shifting the focus away from the ones that are in need – namely, the children. There are 2 sides to every story and we trust that the community will keep an open mind. The father’s past actions should not be the determining factor in the aid given to the children. His future plans are not known. It is not him that we are asking support for.

There seems to be some “what if” scenarios floating around about a "monster" appearing in our midst. Firstly, Roberto is not a monster - he is not a saint but he is not a monster either. And the fact of the matter is that Roberto is not here in La Manzanilla. Angelica and the children are here where the love and support of her friends and church can give her the help she so desperately needs.

We trust that the fear mongering being spread around does not influence your instincts to help a woman in need.
"The Committee to provide disaster relief for homeless single pregnant mom, disabled son and 4 year old daughter"

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