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Update about the Office of the Delegado

Posted by June on behalf of Lin Loza on March 7, 2014, 2:58 pm

Hello- Our town regidora or representative Lin Loza, daughter of Morgan and Guadalupe asked me to stop by the Ejido yesterday to witness that the president of La Huerta, Julian Deniz, was here in La Manzanilla and having a meeting with local Regidoras. These meetings happen monthly at different towns in the La Huerta municipality, this was not a special "emergency" meeting.

She told me the meeting was to cover many things and that it wasn't necessary for me to stay, she would call me after the meeting to give me the information the expats would find interesting. I had to enlist Aby for some additional help in translating but here are the details.

First- Pedro is not in jail. He has not been charged with anything and has been released. He and his family have received threats from the victims' families and because of these threats the family and Pedro are gone. Lyn had no information about where they went or if they will ever be back.

Second- The Office of the Delegado is open and every three days a representative from La Huerta is here to manage the office. His name is Angel Mesa and his cell number is 315-100-8910.

La Manzanilla has the equivalent of a "Deputy Major" but that person declined the seat when it was vacated by Pedro.

Julian and the local regidoras from the municipality, decided the best course of action would be to have a special election to decide a new mayor. Lin did not know when that election would take place.

If you have questions please direct them to Lyn. You may email her at She speaks some English but it would best if you stretched your Spanish skills when contacting her.


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