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Re: Joy as a Shortcut to Our Survival

Posted by Roberta Meilleur on March 13, 2014, 1:06 pm, in reply to "Re: Joy as a Shortcut to Our Survival"

Thanks for your feedback Michael - and for coming to the presentation. I truly appreciate your input.
The argument about science and pseudo science is alive and well throughout the world. Not to say that all scientific claims are valid but volumes of legitimate scientific studies on Quantum Physics principles exist - along with some fascinating studies on consciousness as part of that.
And muscle testing may not be legitimate in your world but after 9 years of using it with clients - and tens of thousands (if not more) practitioners also using it in various modalities - and more importantly seeing phenomenal efficacy from using it to communicate with the body (many many times where Western medicine failed) - I need no further proof.
I believe we are in a time where science is seeing only what it decrees is legitimate by it's standards that are locked into a Newtonian paradigm that keep it well locked up. It's true - the option challenges everything that many have based their whole life and life's work on. As you can tell from my talk, I'm a proponent of the option and am willing to stretch to attempt to understand and work with those principles. In my experience it provides more and better results, much more hope and far more personal power.
I totally accept that many agree with me and many disagree. That's just how it is in 2014.
Thanks again.
PS - I'm aware that there's controversy over the What the Bleep movies. Because of you pointing that out again I will not use them as reference material without mentioning the controversy. A producer's bias will indeed limit credibility - but it doesn't erase the legitimate science that existed before the movie was made.

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