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Doctor Itzel needs our help!!

Posted by Baseball Patti on March 17, 2014, 9:47 am

The wonderful, caring doctor at the free clinic here in La Manzanilla has asked me to post this request from her.

She has applied for another term to continue her work here in La Manzanilla, and needs reference letters from her patients.

Please folks, if you have used her services during the season, please, take 5 minutes and write a letter to the Administrator of the Centro Saludes.
These letters can be written in English and dropped off at the Clinic.

Your help will accomplish 2 things!!

1. It will allow Itzel to continue serving this community for another year. She not only is on the job 24 hours a day, but also managed to hold clinics & seminars on. Diabetes, Birth control, STDS, Breast Cancer Awarness & Breast Exams( a first here in La Manzanilla, 45 women were checked that day) Her belief is not only to aid the sick, but to educate the people on staying as healthy as possible.

Many times she has purchased medicine for people out of her own meager stipend when the Clinic had run out.
I, personsally will be forever grateful for her compassionate daily care of Mickey during his illness.

2. This woman wants to continue her Medical education and become a surgeon. By working here, in this Social Service Program for another year, will help her receive funding from the Mexican government to accomplish this goal.

She was there when you needed her folks!! Please be there for her now!!

Thank you

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