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Re: Trailer from State of Jalisco spaying and Neutering here in La Manz today

Posted by Cisco's Amigos on April 4, 2014, 7:11 am, in reply to "Re: Trailer from State of Jalisco spaying and Neutering here in La Manz today"

I spoke to the veterinans yesterday and they will be working again today(Friday ) in La Manz. The 2 Veterinarians are extremely nice and very willing to work hard. They asked me several times to go around town telling people they were available to sterilize their animals. A load speaker truck did announce their presence on Wednesday afternoon.
I discussed with them the desperate need for the small surrounding towns such as ,Barra, Jaluco, Los Ingenous, el Ranchito ,etc. to have them provide their services there. Why they picked La Manzanilla is a mystery. El Ranchito is infected with the venereal cancer TVT and certainly could use their help ASAP. With a little planning their services could be a blessing to our entire area.
I was given the name and Phone # of the director in Autlan . I hope that I can convince the Sate of Jalisco Health department to set up a schedule for the mobile van to visit these small towns that need help. Cisco's, and I'm sure ProAnimal, would be willing to "Walk and Talk " spreading the word for the need for sterilization before they arrived. I know from past experience that it really helps get the word out.

Be aware that they have no cages(I loaned them several for cats) and no place for recovery after surgery. They have a small awning in front of the trailer , but shade is crucial and there is very little in our jardin and almost none in Melaque. . They expect the animals to go home with their owners immediately after surgery.

I truly hope it is a great success in Melaque. We certainly need their help in getting as many sterilized as possible . After the 302 Cisco's Amigos did in December I'm sure there are a lot more in Melaque. Good Luck!

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