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Re: Orchid ID

Posted by julie and rusty on April 7, 2014, 7:43 am, in reply to "Re: Orchid ID"

I have to add my orchid knowledge here. Laelia's, of which this orchid in a member , grow throughout Mexico at the higher elevations. They are abundant in and around Tapalpa at 6000ft+.
If you want to try to identify this particular orchid have a try @

It should keep everyone busy and fascinated at the incredible #'s of native orchids in Mexico. The photographs are outstanding.
Sad to say the largest # of these orchids can not live on the coast. It's just too hot, but we do have many beautiful ones.

Habitate destruction is the greatest threat to orchids around the world. In the past many here in Mexico thought/think that they are parasites and kill the trees they are living in so they cut the trees down -go figure. Many are burned/killed by the "slash and burn" process of clearing for cattle.

And yes many are taken by poaching-sadly to die in someone's kitchen window or eaten by their horse. Yes, I bought one from a street vendor . He had no idea of what it was only that his horse liked to eat it . It's leaves were eaten to the roots. I can proudly say it is now thriving, multiplying and spreading it's seeds on the wind .

A good read on this subject is "The Orchid Thief".

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