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New CFE Smart Cards

Posted by ElkeG on April 7, 2014, 3:32 pm

From Rolly Brook on an Expat page this morning:

This is a post to warn you about a new billing procedure the CFE is pushing, and pushing hard: teams subcontracted by CFE - and paid per newly signed up customer - are doing door-to-door sales calls, telling homeowners that they are obliged to sign up for this new prepaid/pre-pagado plan, which includes a smart card.


1. It is NOT obligatory.

2. Right now, you are paying only AFTER you have used the energy .... with the new plan, you are basically advancing money to the CFE

3. Right now, CFE reads your meter ... with the new plan YOU have to read your own meter and report it to CFE

4. If the money on your pre-paid smart plan runs out, your electricity gets cut off ... and the onus is on you to go to the CFE office to put more money on your card; if you run out on a Friday afternoon of a long weekend, you are out of luck

5. The pre-paid plan is absolutely disastrous for SOLAR customers, the meter will count what you produce AGAINST you.

6. If you have already signed up, you CAN and SHOULD reverse it.

More information here: Informador

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