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For Jason S. from tu amiga de malla sombra

Posted by Lynne on May 27, 2014, 12:00 am


I received an after-hours text message telling me that the blue shade cloth in the pattern I ordered has been discontinued; only the "diamond" pattern is available. I'll call in the morning to OK the change (although I don't like it), but it will be like placing a new order that couldn't possibly be ready by Wednesday.

Would it make sense for you to go in and place your order soon, and then we would go back to pick both orders up together?

Since you no longer have the 84th phone number issued in La Manz and I'm busy until Tuesday evening, I'll try to track you down then either at sunset or your house if you haven't replied by e-mail re: what you want to do.

So why isn't 'raya' spelled 'ralla'? ;-)

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