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Re: Ambulancia

Posted by Scott on June 2, 2014, 8:52 pm, in reply to "Re: Ambulancia"

Not sure if I can help, but let me throw in my nickel's worth. Do you have a specific diagnosis for the engine? I have a diesel ambulance right now I use as a camper and know a bit about diesel ambulances. It is pretty hard to kill most properly maintained diesel ambulance engines, with a few exceptions (Navistar). You say that you have differing diagnoses. Usually it is something simple that makes it sound like death or keeps it from starting all together, but it can be a pain to diagnose. You will think the engine is blown - smoke, loud noise, no power - and it can be a simple injector or fuel problem. Unless there is a blown head or major internal problem for sure, which almost never happens if maintained properly, don't give up hope. Some properly maintained diesel ambulances can make half a million miles without a rebuild. If I wasn't 5,000 miles away I would look at it. What year and make is it? How hard did the mechanics try? Did they disassemble the engine at all? BTW, a well-running 8,500 lb diesel ambulance will still get 18 mpg, but a 460 V8 only gets 7 or 8 mpg in an ambulance. That is the main diesel advantage.

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