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Posted by Jo Anna on August 4, 2014, 5:09 pm, in reply to "Re: GREAT RESCUE"

Oh, the tears you've provoked with this touching story of Maya. Some people have such huge hearts!
Briefly, here's the story of Mila whose littermates died and whose mother had no milk for her. One of Victoria's SPCA volunteers took the at-that-time unnamed, 5-day-old puppy into her care. Mila was tube-fed every two hours, night and day, over her first couple of weeks until she was strong enough to be hand-fed by bottle.
Through Facebook, we volunteers watched Mila's eyes open, watched her first steps, watched her gain strength and personality, and begin to play.
When it was clear that this tiny being was going to survive, it was time for a name.
Mila was chosen, short for Milagrita, Little Miracle.
So: Maya and Mila, two little miracles whose lives will be rich and full and who will bring richness and fullness to two families. Yes, I'm always up for miracles.

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