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Lightning detection websites

Posted by Bret B on August 12, 2014, 12:16 pm

Interesting link, Daniel. I enjoyed watching that entire Nova special on YouTube recently.

Here are a couple websites that display lightning strikes in near real time. I heard about these on the Melaque/Barra Tomzap forum.

This one gets its data from hundreds of members using home-built lightning detectors networked into the website's servers (crowd-sourced lightning data!) The time-of-strike data get triangulated by the server and then shown on the map within a few seconds. The colors indicate how long ago the strike happened (white is most recent: less than 20 minutes ago.)

Here is a zoomed-in screenshot of this site's data from 6:30pm last night. You can see a lot of strikes in our part of Mexico, but not much fine detail:

The main problem for us in La Manz is that most of the detectors are in Europe and the US. There is only one that I can see in Mexico (around Hermosillo, Sonora.) So they don't detect a lot of our strikes, and there is probably more error in the displayed locations of the strikes they do show for our area.

2. :
This site gets its data from the previous site. This one has more customizable maps. You can zoom in as far as you feel like. However, it shows even fewer of our strikes than the first site.

Here's a screen-shot from 6:30pm last night:

Sorry I don't have screen shots from the peak of the lightning storm, but my computer and modem were unplugged for safety by then!

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