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Re: Big waves

Posted by Daniel Hallas on August 26, 2014, 12:08 am, in reply to "Re: Big waves"
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"Do you mean that the emptiness of boredom provides something to fill"?

The short answer is seemingly yes, a place to fill.

While I answered best I could (below) I donít feel I really explained the heart of
my statement (I got too metaphysical) and your question has prompted me to
try and expand on it.

Basically when you are bored you are in a place where you donít have anything you have (or want)
to do (a real luxury), that place gives you opportunity to come up with something original
to occupy that time. Boredom is the space where originality is most likely to happen, something
different than what you already had to choose from, including choosing to do nothing.


more accurately stated as perhaps this or perhaps that or perhaps nothing.

being comfortable when no one is talking

not fearing the "blank slate"

leaving space for what is already there (everything) to appear

I hope the waves don't wash it away as well! See you in November Judy.

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